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0:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Karen Musgrave and I am doing a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Susan Shie. Susan is in Wooster, Ohio and I'm in Naperville, Illinois, so we are conducting this interview over the telephone.

Keywords: telephone; wooster ohio

GPS: Wooster, Ohio
Map Coordinates: 40.825455, -81.931970

0:25 - "Potluck Quilt/World: Card #21 in The Kitchen Tarot"

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Partial Transcript: KM: Please tell me about the quilt you selected for the interview, which is "The Potluck/ World: Card #21 in The Kitchen Tarot."

Segment Synopsis: Shie describes her quilt "The Potluck/ World: Card #21 in The Kitchen Tarot," one in her series of quilts based on tarot cards. This one features both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bringing pies to a potluck attended by the world. Shie details some of the imagery, along with the origins of the Kitchen Tarot series.

Keywords: Barack Obama; Democratic Party; Hillary Rodham Clinton; kitchen; political quilts; potluck; presidential election of 2008; Saint Quilta the Comforter; tarot; tarot cards

Hyperlink: Potluck Obama/Clinton Quilt

3:34 - Inspiration behind the quilt

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Partial Transcript: I didn't want to make this piece be all about Obama. I supported Obama right from the beginning, but I wanted to show this neck-and-neck energy of Obama and Clinton as they progressed through the primary.

Segment Synopsis: Shie explains her reasoning for making her Obama pieces and the impact he has made in her life and others. She explains the imagery in the quilt and the importance of the imagery in a traditional tarot deck. Including the imagery and symbolism of the "Obama Girl".

Keywords: 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary; apolitical; Barack Obama; faith; granddaughter; Hillary Rodham Clinton; hope; pie; politics; Rider-Waite tarot deck; sexuality; tarot cards; “Obama girl”

Hyperlink: "Obama Girl" video on youtube

8:26 - The Importance of "Obama art" to Shie

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Partial Transcript: KM: Tell me about why making Obama art is important to you?

SS: Because I'm a storyteller, but I'm not anymore just a personal storyteller, I am doing a mixture of diary and social commentary.

Segment Synopsis: Shie elaborates on why making the art that she creates is important to her, mentally and emotionally therapeutic. She notes her time attending Kent State University before the massacre and how that effected her mental state. Including how Obama made her open up with talking about politics again.

Keywords: antiwar protest; art exhibition; Barack Obama; Dalai Lama; family; Iraq War; kent state; Kent State University Massacre; political art; political expression; politics; pregnant; Quilt Purpose - Artistic expression; research; Vietnam War

Subjects: kent state

Hyperlink: Susan Shie, Quilt Piece

13:06 - Exhibition, series plan & making the piece apolitical

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Partial Transcript: KM: What are your plans for "The Potluck/World"?

SS: It's been in several exhibitions already. The next thing it's going to is the Obama Quilters exhibition, that Sue Walen is doing at Montgomery University's Cafritz Center in Silver Spring, Maryland in February and March 2009.

Segment Synopsis: Shie describes the meshing of her love of quilting and tarot card making. She talks about how her plans for her original tarot deck were going to be apolitical at first, so she wouldn't offend anyone (since tarot decks are not political) but as she's progressed over the years she has allowed her deck to get more political.
She also discusses her techniques with airpens and photoshop for her quilts/tarot quilts.

Keywords: Airpen; Barack Obama; Montgomery College (Silver Springs, Maryland); Obama quilts; Photoshop; potluck world; Quilt Purpose – Exhibition; Quilt shows/exhibitions; Susan Walen; tarot; The Cafritz Foundation Arts Center; “President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts”

Hyperlink: Susan Shie's Website

17:01 - Shie’s Interest in Quilt Making

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Partial Transcript: KM: Tell me about your interest in quiltmaking.

SS: I had a mother who was raised Mennonite, who had roots in the Amish culture. Her grandfather and grandmother jumped over and became Mennonites, so she was raised Mennonite. She and her mother made all their family's clothes and the quilts and things like that.

Segment Synopsis: Shie talks about her childhood and how she was introduced to quilting and making art from her kid years to her college years and there onward into college and adulthood.

Keywords: airpen; Amish; art student; childhood; College of Wooster; diary; East Chippewa Church of the Brethren; feminism; homemade clothing; journal; Ladies Aid Society; Learning quiltmaking; Mennonite; Mennonite quilts; Miriam Shapiro; mission work; sewing; Smithville, Ohio

GPS: Smithville, Ohio
Map Coordinates: 40.863572, -81.863725

Hyperlink: Obituary of Miriam Sharpo

22:25 - Shie’s Quilting Progress

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Partial Transcript: KM: Tell me about the quilting part, the process for you.

SS: For a long time I was hand sewing all my quilts from the late seventies on, and then I had a few attempts at machine quilting in 1990, when my husband, Jimmy, and I finally got married after fourteen years.

Segment Synopsis: Shie describes her evolving quilting progress from hand stitching, attempts at machinery quilting finding new ways to incorporate an Airpen as a way to paint fine lines on quilts. She describes her struggles with her personal and various quilting processes.

Keywords: airbrush; Airpen; beading; blessing; caffeine intolerance; Embellishment techniques; granddaughter; hand quilting; hand stitching; Home sewing machine; humor; Knowledge transfer; lotus pose; machine quilting; marriage; painting; quiltmaking process; Teaching quiltmaking; Technology in quiltmaking; “Buddha Boy”

27:43 - More on the Potluck Quilt

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Partial Transcript: I want to go back to the Potluck piece just really quick, because I never really talked about the wolves on that and the Buddha girls that are sitting on them. There is just a little more imagery there that I would like to talk about, if that's okay.

KM: Sure.

Segment Synopsis: Shie elaborates on her Potluck Quilt design mentioning the symbolism in her personal tarot card decks and tarot quilts, comparing and contrasting traditional tarot works to her customized symbols.

Keywords: Caroline Kennedy; design; fortune cookies; iconography; New York Times; op-ed letter; pairing knife; Pyrex; rainbow; symbolism; tarot; wolves; “Buddha Girl”; “yellow dog”

30:56 - On Quilt Makers Embracing Obama

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Partial Transcript: KM: Why do you think quiltmakers are embracing Obama so greatly?

SS: First of all, I think it is more art quilters than traditional quilters, and there is a difference there. I think that art quilters tend to be more funky, more liberal,

Segment Synopsis: Shie shares her thought as to why quilt makers may be embracing Obama and his impact on them and as to why more liberal followers will be more creative with their quilting and why conservative follows may be less likely to create outside the traditional-quilting-comfort-zone.

Keywords: Art quiltmaking; Barack Obama; Democratic Party; International Quilt Festival; John McCain; liberal; Quilt Purpose – Exhibition; Quilt shows/exhibitions; traditional quiltmaking; Vicky Mangum; “Obama Girl”; “Political Patchwork”

33:56 - Bamboo Batting and Green Quilts Project

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Partial Transcript: KM: You recently moved to using bamboo batting. Tell me a little bit about bamboo batting and why you like it.

SS: Just a real quick throw back to why I'm interested in green stuff, or to show that I was, I guess. In 1989 I started a project called The Green Quilts Project,

Segment Synopsis: Shie discusses on her reasoning of why she likes bamboo batting over cotton batting and other variations. Being environmentally friendly is important to Shie, the symbolism involving that to "heal the world" and the pros to using bamboo batting in general. Including her wishes for more environmentally friendly crafting products.

Keywords: antibacterial; bamboo batting; batting/wadding; China; eco friendly; environmentalism; fabric paint; fair trade; Fairfield quilt batting; Fiber - bamboo; Fiber – Cotton; Fiber – Polyester; Green Quilts Project; hand quilting; meditation; monocropping; organic; prayer; respirator; Technology in quiltmaking; toxin

Hyperlink: Blandy, Doug, Kristin G. Congdon, Laurie Hicks, Elizabeth Hoffman, and Don Krug. "The Green Quilt: An Example of Collective Eco-Action in Art Education." Accessed November 3, 2017.

41:57 - How Shie wants to be remembered

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Partial Transcript: KM: How do you want to be remembered?

SS: It's really interesting. I've thought about that a lot because I have such a hard time transitioning from the woman who is known for all the hand work and the beading,

Segment Synopsis: Shie briefly notes on what she would like to be remembered for after she has moved on in life or in the quilting community. She wants to be remembered as an artist who told stories that has made a difference in the world and she has improved the world. She doesn't want to be remembered as a person who did hand work and beading.

Keywords: beading; Embellishment techniques; hand stitching; improving the world; stories

Hyperlink: Shie, Quilt One Piece, detail

42:40 - Promotion of website and classes

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Partial Transcript: KM: Excellent. Is there anything that you would like to share that I haven't touched upon?

SS: No, just that anybody interested in my work can go to my site. I try to keep all my new work posted in the gallery of my website, if you don't remember the website name just Google "Susan Shie website"

Segment Synopsis: Shie talks about her classes and what she is known for within her teachings.

Keywords: airbrush; Airpen; biosphere; drawing; knowledge transfer; painting; Quilt Purpose - Artistic expression; studio; Teaching quiltmaking; Website

44:51 - Shie on her garage door mural

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Partial Transcript: KM: Tell me about your garage door.

SS: [laughs.] I haven't put it on my website yet. I have to do that really soon. That is the biggest painting that I have made since I made the high school prom murals that I watched being burned on a bonfire after the prom.

Segment Synopsis: Shie discusses her painted garage mural and how it has livened up her community and how many people like it. It includes her and her family with Obama being projected like a big sun behind them. It is a staple of unique artwork in her neighborhood.

Keywords: Barack Obama; cats; garage door; Green Quilts Project; landscape; mural painting; Statue of Liberty; symbolism

Hyperlink: Susan Shie, Door Mural