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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Pam Schultz interviews Eleanor Wilkinson at the Art Center in Battle Creek, Michigan.

GPS: Art Center of Battle Creek, Michigan.
Map Coordinates: 42.3303245, -85.16861660000001
00:00:33 - Tell me about the quilt you brought in today. 00:01:20 - What special meaning does this quilt have for you? 00:03:56 - Tell me about your interest in quiltmaking. 00:07:50 - Are there other quiltmakers among your family or friends? Please tell me about them. 00:08:42 - How does quiltmaking impact your family? 00:10:25 - Tell me about an amusing experience that has occurred from your quiltmaking. 00:14:10 - Have advances in technology influenced your work? If so, how? 00:17:53 - How do you balance your time? 00:19:14 - What do you think makes a great quilt? 00:26:54 - Why is quiltmaking important to your life? 00:28:31 - What do you think about the importance of quilts in American life? 00:30:25 - How do you think quilts can be used? 00:32:25 - What do you think is the biggest challenge confronting quiltmakers today? 00:34:03 - Conclusion