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00:00:06 - Janet Hartnell-Williams quilt "The Sky is Falling," and its purpose

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Partial Transcript: This is Janet Hartnell-Williams, I'm sorry, this is me, this is Barbara Stavlo.

Segment Synopsis: Williams discusses her quilt "The Sky is Falling." It is made from a combination of new pieces on a background made from older pieces she had made before. She would like to be known as a quiltmaker who blends the old and the new. She explains that she keeps this quilt in storage right now, but other quilts she gifts to friends and families, or donates to fund raisers. She also talks about being unsure about what will happen with her quilts when the day comes that she can no longer house them.

Keywords: Collecting quilts; Embroidery; Houston, Texas; International Quilt Festival; Quilt Purpose - Charity; Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; blocks; contemporary quilts; piecing; traditional

00:04:40 - How Williams began quilting, and her first quilt memory

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Partial Transcript: Okay, tell me your interested in quiltmaking, when did it start?

Segment Synopsis: Williams recounts that she was a school teacher until 1980 when she retired and opened a quilt store with her mother. At the time, it was the only quilt store in Rio Grande Valley in Texas. She began taking classes in San Antonio, and her mother taught her three basic quilting blocks to get her started. To become familiar with quilting for her store, she traveled the country for a month studying all things quilt. She says that she spends about one hour per day quilting, and used to quilt as an activity to keep her busy while her husband was doing is own thing. Her first quilt memory took the form of an old, incomplete quilt her grandmother made and kept in a barn on the property on which she grew up.

Keywords: Albuquerque; California; Fiber - Polyester; International Quilt Association; Quilt Purpose - Personal enjoyment; Quilt Purpose - Teaching or learning sample; Rio Grande Valley; blocks; hobby; quilt conference; quiltmaking classes; retired; sewing

00:09:49 - Quilt Guilds and the social aspect of quilting, or lack thereof

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Partial Transcript: But do you get together with friends in a guild or anything and quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Williams belongs to two quilt guilds and a fiber artist group, but she explains that she is more of a solitaire quilter. This is a result of a lack of time. She also competes in a small quilt show in New Braunfels, Texas, but otherwise does not compete very often. Her only other active role in the quilt community is teaching every now and then.

Keywords: New Braunfels; Quilt Purpose - Teaching or learning sample; Quilt guild; fiber art group

00:10:49 - Quilting's impact on Williams's family

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Partial Transcript: Well the next question is "how does quiltmaking impact your family."

Segment Synopsis: Williams says that the store she opened with her mother only lasted 5 years, so its ultimate impact on her family was small. She closed the store down because she could no longer stand to live in the Rio Grande Valley because of its lack of culture.

Keywords: quilt store

00:11:43 - What Williams does and does not like about quilting, from the experience to techniques and materials

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Partial Transcript: you said that you felt a need to quilt if you skipped a day. What is it you find so pleasing about it?

Segment Synopsis: Williams says that she enjoys the soothing quality of hand quilting. She says that lately she began listening to audio books while she quilts, and it is a truly therapeutic experience. She does not like machine quilting (because she is bad at it), and does not like to miter binding corners. She also prefers cotton fiber over silk, and is okay with polyester sometimes. She tells that she still has some thread from her store from three decades before that she uses.

Keywords: Embroidery; Fiber - Cotton; Fiber - Cotton or polyester blend; Fiber - Silk; Hand quilting; Machine piecing; Machine quilting; applique; batting/wadding; binding; binding corner; miter; mitering; thread

00:13:46 - Williams's quilting studio

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Partial Transcript: Describe your studio, where you work, where you create.

Segment Synopsis: Williams's quilting studio was specifically designed in the construction of her new home, which she says was built 5 years prior to the interview. Her one point of contention about her work-space is that it is not large enough for her husband to sit down and visit her. Her room, she explains, was designed to prevent light from getting in. She owns a design wall.

Keywords: Color theory; Design Wall; Fabric - Multiple scrap; Home sewing machine; Quilt preservation; Work or Studio space; blocks

00:15:41 - What makes a great quilt/quiltmaker, and from whom Williams find influence

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Partial Transcript: What do you think, personally, makes a great quilt?

Segment Synopsis: The quilities for which Williams searches in a great quilt are: technique, impact on the viewer, and balance in design and color. She says there are great quilts that have made it into quilting books hat are universally loved, but there are also quilts that can be appealing to a particular person. For instance, she fell in love with a technically and artistically lacking quilt simply for her personal opinion about the aesthetic and spiritual uniqueness of it. She asserts that a great quiltmaker is aware of and develops her skills, and pays attention to details. She is influenced by quilters who are bold with colors, although her quilts tend to have darker colors.

Keywords: Aesthetics; Color theory; Design process; Fabric - Multiple scrap; abstract; balance; bright; corduroy; detail-oriented; impression; red; technique; traditional quilt

00:19:21 - Quilts and their importance to women's history in the U.S.

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Partial Transcript: In what ways do you think quilts ahave special meanings for women's history in America.

Segment Synopsis: Williams cites the very interview she is in as a way that quilts highlight the importance of women's history in the U.S. Books about quilts also serve a similar purpose. She says that on the journey to learn about quilts, these outlets also share the story of the women's lives who created those quilts.

Keywords: Quilt history

00:20:09 - Closing remarks: where Williams quilts are now, the biggest challenge facing quilters today, and the importance of quilts

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Partial Transcript: What has happened to the quilts that you've made for those of family and friends?

Segment Synopsis: The quilts she has given to her family and friends remain in use or displayed somewhere in their homes. Cost of fabris is thhe biggest challenge Williams believes quilters face today, with costs of up to ten dollars per yard of thread. She concludes the interview by saying that she is proud that she designs her quilts for a purpose, whether it be functional or artistic.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quilt Purpose - Home decoration; Quilt Purpose - Utilitarian; cost; expense; expensive