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00:00:00 - Pre-Intro

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Partial Transcript: I know, everybody gives me trouble, you're like Jackie O!

Segment Synopsis: Banter.

00:00:29 - Margery O. Hedges, her cowgirl quilt, and the story of how she began quilting.

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Partial Transcript: This is Sally Creagy, today's date is November 6, it is 1:08.

Segment Synopsis: Hedges talks about her cowgirl quilt. It is handwoven, and was created for her bed, the image of a cowgirl on the quilt was made in the image of her daughter. She says she began quilting in the 80s, and this quilt is the one that began her work in art quilting, which is all she does now. She began this quilt in 2003, and entered it into a quilting competition, ever since she has considered herself a competitive quilter by trade. She used an embroidery machine to make the quilt, which is now kept in storage in her home. Her pictorial quilts typically focus on people or animals.

Keywords: Art quilts; Embroidery; Embroidery machine; Hand quilting; Houston, Texas; International Quilt Festival; Machine applique; Quilt competitions; Texas Lonestar; animals; applique; brands; quiltmaking classes; traditional quilts

00:05:56 - Hedges's quilt that is housed in a museum, and its connection to her grandmother's quilting legacy

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Partial Transcript: So tell me a little bit about the evolution of the quilt you have at the museum.

Segment Synopsis: Hedges talks about her quilt in a museum. She explains that she likes to make quilts based on her own life experiences, and her museum quilt is an example of that. It reflects a story about her childhood, and her love of fairytales. This segues into a conversation about her grandmother's quilting, and how she never appreciated it until Hedges began quilting herself.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Bedcovering; Quiltmaking for family; autobiographical quilt; fairytale

00:08:11 - Hedges's quilting process

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Partial Transcript: So, um, what's your quilt process, where do you start?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges speaks about her fairy tale quilt as an example for her typical quilting process, which is: holding onto an idea for a few years, then she begins with the main piece (to where she wants the viewers eyes to be drawn), then she does research on the subject material, and she completes her quilts somewhat ad hoc from there. She likes to sketch her ideas. Hedges says that she likes to piece, and often creates what she calls a "virtual border" around her center pieces.

Keywords: Design process; Pictorial quilts; binding; borders; piecing; quiltmaking process; sketching; virtual border

00:10:04 - Technology in quiltmaking

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Partial Transcript: Like the quilt on your bed in the middle of the... the story book quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges talks about her "Storybook" quilt. She describes using a computer program to tilt an image, and give it more of a depth perspective that she could not have otherwise created. She says that computers and fusing materials.Hedges primarily uses computer technologies to enlarge images which she finds in newspapers, and other documents.

Keywords: Photography/photo transfer; Technology in quiltmaking; computer; fusing; posterize

00:12:24 - Hedges's current project

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Partial Transcript: What are you working on now that's got your juices going?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges talks about a quilt that she is beginning to create: a family of horses. She talks about how the original design she drafted for the quilt will not work with the fabric she has chosen, so she has to redesign her quilt. She also speaks about the struggle of giving a title to her quilts.

Keywords: collage; fabric; quilt title

00:13:39 - Hedges's quilt guild

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Partial Transcript: That's fabulous. So tell me about your quilt community.

Segment Synopsis: Hedges is a member of the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild. She joined in the late 1990's, and enjoys it for the guest speakers, lecturers, and workshops that are made available to her through the organization. She does not like to teach, but does present quilts at quilt bees every now and then.

Keywords: Kingwood Area Quilt Guild; Teaching quiltmaking; quilting bee

00:14:34 - Quilting in Hedges's family

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Partial Transcript: In your family at all? Is it going on to the next generation?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges says that quilting is not in her family.

Keywords: Hand quilting; Quiltmaking for family

00:15:04 - What Hedges does and does not like about quilting

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Partial Transcript: Is there a part of quiltmaking you don't like?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges says she does not like binding on sleeves, and believes most quilters would agree with her. Her favorite aspect of quilting is designing her quilt, and admits that she really loves every aspect of quilting. She says that she likes to use bright colors that stand out, and her favorite fabric is batik.

Keywords: Color theory; Design process; Fabric - Batiks; Quilt Purpose - Personal enjoyment; applique; binding; quilting; sleeve

00:16:28 - Hedges's favorite quilts and quiltmakers

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Partial Transcript: So I wanted to know some of the different things about the other part of your quilt life, so when you go to a show, what kind of quilt stops you in your tracks?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges's favorite quilt section to visit at a festival is the art quilts section. She also admires the hand pieced quilts, because it is a skill that she has not quite been able to master. She says that her favorite quilter is David Taylor

Keywords: Art quilts; David Taylor; Hand piecing; Hand quilting; piecing

00:17:45 - Hedges's quilting studio

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Partial Transcript: So tell me about... where do you sew?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges explains that the previous owners of her home added a rec room, which she has redesigned into her sewing studio. She does use a design wall; she also added racks for storing thread, tables to work on, and a couch and television. Her studio is home to her Bernina sewing machine.

Keywords: Bernina; Home sewing machine; Machine quilting; Singer Featherweight sewing machine; Work or Studio space; zig-zag

00:19:00 - What makes a great quiltmaker

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Partial Transcript: So I wanted to know what you think makes a great quiltmaker.

Segment Synopsis: Hedges asserts that having great technique, and understanding how to make a visual impact, are goals that a great quiltmaker seeks to achieve in her quilts. A great quilt, she says, is "the whole package."

Keywords: Hand applique; Quilt Purpose - Exhibition

00:19:46 - Hedges's quilt sales

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Partial Transcript: Do you sell your quilts?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges admits, in jest, that she grows too attached to her big quilts to sell them. However, she has probably sold about 300 miniatures on eBay. She does not do commission work.

Keywords: Miniature quilts; Quilt Purpose - Charity; Quilt Purpose - Fundraising; Quilt Purpose - Personal income; ebay; traditional quilts

00:20:34 - Why Hedges loves to quilt

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Partial Transcript: So what has, um, quiltmaking done for you?

Segment Synopsis: Quiltmaking is Hedges's passion. She has also made many friends through quilting.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Personal enjoyment

00:21:12 - Where Hedges believes quilting may be headed next, and how it has evolved in the past.

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Partial Transcript: Wanted to know what you think about... where do you think quiltmaking is going?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges believe that quiltmaking has evolved tremendously, largely because of "digital stuff." It has evolved so much, that almost cant believe that there is more yet to change. Hedges also talks about Hollis Chatelain, and the controversy surrounding her painting on quilts, but she believes innovation such as that advances the art.

Keywords: Art quiltmaking; Hollis Chatelain; Painting; Quilt Purpose - Artistic expression; Thread painting; computer

00:22:31 - What Hedges does with her quilts, spoiler alert: she hangs them in her home... all of them

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Partial Transcript: So what's happened to the quilts that you have made.

Segment Synopsis: Hedges tells that there are so many quilts hanging in her house that it's causing her husband some mild anxiety. Because she does not have room to hang more quilts in her house, she has been making smaller quilts lately.

Keywords: Miniature quilts; Quilt Purpose - Exhibition; Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quilt preservation; Work or Studio space

00:23:12 - An anecdote which inspired one of Hedges's quilts

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Partial Transcript: Have you ever used quiltmaking to get through a difficult time?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges tells an anecdote about her dogs chasing a squirrel up a tree. She created a quilt out of that experience, which fits her theme of quilting things she sees/experiences "everyday." Hedges also says that she quilts as often as possible, which may mean not quilting all week, or spending a full day quilting.

Keywords: Jack Russel Terrier; Quilt Purpose - Memorial

00:24:51 - Hedges the fiber artist

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Partial Transcript: Do you consider yourself a fiber artist?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges considers herself a fiber artist. She does ribbon embroidery paints on her quilts, and manipulates fabric. She tells about a time she printed sheet music onto the fiber of one of her quilts. she also does tatting on her quilts, and adds other handwork, such as crocheting.

Keywords: Embellishment techniques; Embroidery; Painting; Sari Strips; Thread painting; beads; buttons; crocheting; embellishments; fabric manipulation; fiber artist; jewelry; ribbons; tatting

00:27:01 - Future projects for Hedges

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Partial Transcript: So you're working on your horses, your three horses, anything else bubbling around in your head?

Segment Synopsis: Hedges tells about wants to make a quilt centered around a shrimper boat, in memory of an experience she had with her mother on a beach in North Carolina. She closes by talking about her husband, and his support of her craft.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Memorial