Interview with Melody Crust, March 11, 2008

Quilt Alliance
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00:00:00 - About the touchstone quilt: "Fade To Gray"

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Partial Transcript: This is Karen Musgrave, and I am doing a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Melody Crust. Melody is in Kent, Washington and I'm in Naperville, Illinois so we are conducting this interview by telephone.

Segment Synopsis: Crust describes the imagery of her quilt and how her color choices reflect memory loss.

Keywords: Alzheimer's disease; Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece; Ami Simms; Color theory; Fade To Gray; Quilt design

Subjects: Quilting; Quiltmakers; Quilts

00:03:10 - Learning to quilt / Quilt groups

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Partial Transcript: So, tell me about your interest in quiltmaking.

Segment Synopsis: Crust says that she began quilting 29 years ago. She began as a traditional quiltmaker, but considers herself an art quiltmaker now. She describes her prolific output and her love of the whole quiltmaking process. She talks about some classes she has taken for their social aspect and characterizes herself as a largely self-taught quilter. She lists the quilt groups she belongs to including Evergreen Piecemakers, American Quilter's Society (AQS), and the International Quilt Association.

Keywords: American Quilter's Society (AQS); Evergreen Piecemakers; International Quilt Association; Learning quiltmaking; Quilt guilds; Quilting communities; Quiltmaking classes; Quiltmaking process

00:05:54 - Time spent quilting / Publishing quiltmaking books

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Partial Transcript: How many hours a week do you quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Crust discusses the time she takes sewing and doing quilt related activities, including writing her books. She goes into more detail about each of her quiltmaking books.

Keywords: Published work - Patterns; Published work - Quilts; Time management

00:07:56 - Quiltmaking process / Inspiring quiltmakers

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Partial Transcript: So, what are your favorite techniques and materials?

Segment Synopsis: Crust talks about her favorite techniques, including painting and embellishing. She says she struggles with piecing points and foundation piecing. She describes why she is drawn to quilts made by Heather Waldron and Ruth McDowell.

Keywords: Embellishment techniques; Fabric - Painted; Heather Waldron; Painting; Piecing; Quiltmaking inspiration; Quiltmaking process; Ruth McDowell; Techniques

00:09:59 - Studio space

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Partial Transcript: Describe your studio.

Segment Synopsis: Crust describes her home studio, including its large windows, fabric and materials storage, and work surfaces. She talks about the work walls in her hallway. She details the reasons she particularly likes her studio space.

Keywords: Design walls; Home studio; Work or studio space

Subjects: Quiltmakers

00:12:46 - Advice for beginning quilters / Challenges confronting quiltmakers

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Partial Transcript: What advice would you offer someone starting out?

Segment Synopsis: Crust suggests beginning quilters take a class not only to learn but also to meet other quiltmakers. She thinks the biggest challenge for quiltmakers today is the cost of tools and materials.

Keywords: Challenges within the quilting community; Learning quiltmaking; Quilting communities; Quiltmaking classes

00:14:10 - What makes a great quilt / Judging shows and curating exhibitions

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Partial Transcript: What do you think makes a great quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Crust considers the importance of design and technique in quiltmaking. She talks about why she enjoys judging quilt shows. She describes her experiences organizing the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters' Quilt Fest traveling exhibitions.

Keywords: Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters; Awards; Design process; Quilt purpose - Exhibition; Quilt purpose - Fundraising; Quilt shows/exhibitions; Techniques

00:17:03 - Family's reaction to quiltmaking / Importance of quilting / Traveling to teach

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Partial Transcript: What does your family think of your quiltmaking?

Segment Synopsis: Crust says her family appreciates receiving her quilts. She describes the various reasons quiltmaking is important to her, including the quiltmaking process and the new challenges each quilt brings. She talks about why fabric is her preferred creative medium. She discusses traveling to teach quiltmaking.

Keywords: Design process; Family; Learning quiltmaking; Quiltmaking for family; Quiltmaking process; Teaching quiltmaking; Traveling for quilt shows

00:20:28 - Meaning of quiltmaking for women / Reflecting community and region

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Partial Transcript: In what ways do you think quilts have special meaning for women?

Segment Synopsis: Crust talks about caring for family and remembering the past through quitlmaking. She describes how quiltmaking reflects her experience of her region.

Keywords: Family; Gender roles; Generational quiltmaking; Quilt purpose - Comfort; Quiltmaking for family

00:21:44 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Well usually I allow people to add anything that they would like before our time comes to an end so here is your opportunity, is there anything else that you would like to share?

Segment Synopsis: Musgrave and Crust conclude the interview.