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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Karen Musgrave and I am doing a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Elsie Campbell. Elsie is in Dodge City, Kansas and I'm in Naperville, Illinois so we are conducting this interview over the telephone.

Segment Synopsis: Musgrave introduced the subject of her interview, Elsie Campbell. Musgrave discusses the medium of how the interview is being conducted with Campbell.

Keywords: "Confusion"; Alzheimer's; Alzheimer's "Forgetting Piece by Piece" (quilt exhibit); Elsie Campbell; Karen Musgrave; Quilters' S.O.S.

GPS: Dodge City, Kansas, where Elsie Campbell is located.
Map Coordinates: 37.76067,-100.017863
00:00:27 - Tell me about your quilt that's in this exhibit

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Partial Transcript: Well, it's a small kind of quilt based on a lone star pattern, a variation on that. Do you want me to tell you a little about how I came up with the idea?

Segment Synopsis: Campbell describes the influences of her quilt, "Confusion," recalling how her son's time spent in France caring for a man with Alzheimer's helped her to gain an understanding of what Alzheimer's is like. Campbell then describes the reasons behind her color selection, design, and thought process while making the quilt. She discusses how she tried to replicate what Alzheimer's visually looks like. Campbell also discusses her plan to use this piece in a future trunk show.

Keywords: "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" (quilt exhibit); Alzheimer's Disease; Ami Simms; Confusion; France; Lone Star -- quilt pattern; caretaker; trunk show

Subjects: Alzheimer's disease; Campbell, Elsie

00:04:56 - Impressions of "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" exhibit

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about your impressions of the exhibit.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell and Musgrave discuss their impressions of the "Alzheimer's: "Forgetting Piece by Piece" exhibit. Campbell recollects how moving the featured quilts and their accompanying stories were. She also discusses about how she has noticed new details in the quilts each time she sees the exhibit, as well as the importance of the coordinator of the exhibit, Ami Simms.

Keywords: "Alzheimer's: "Forgetting Piece by Piece" (quilt exhibit); Ami Simms; Quilt Exhibitions; artist statement; quilt shows; quiltmakers; quilts

00:08:32 - Tell me about your interest in quiltmaking.

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Partial Transcript: I’ve always had a needle in my hand. Mom said I was eighteen months old the first time she put a needle in my hand. I can’t remember not being able to sew. Mother was a dressmaker, she earned money by altering clothes and making clothes for other people.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses how she got into sewing, and later quilting from her mother. She also discusses memories from her childhood, the injuries that have come from sewing, and the importance of quilting for her. Campbell also discusses her educational background and other interests such as teaching and editing, as well as the paid jobs she has worked.

Keywords: Awards; Quiltmaking; background; dressmaking; editor; education; family; framing; injuries; knowledge transfer; learning to sew; lifeguard; mother; needlework; piano teacher; teacher

00:11:52 - On the style of her quilt "Confusion"

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Partial Transcript: Now is "Confusion" typical of your style?

Segment Synopsis: Campbell talks about the style of her quilt "Confusion." Campbell talks about her admiration for art quilting despite that it is not typically a style she uses in her shows or competitions. Campbell also mentions how her best work is known for her craftsmanship.

Keywords: "Confusion"; Awards; Quilt competitions; art quilts; quilting styles; style

00:13:06 - How many hours a week do you quilt?

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Partial Transcript: You know what if I stopped to count the hours, I’d be wasting minutes I could be using quilting. [laughs.] You know, when you are enjoying yourself, and that’s what quilting is — it is a pleasure to do

Segment Synopsis: Campbell talks about the amount of time she spends quilting per week. While discussing the process of quilting and how there is no easy way for her to quantify the amount of time she spends quilting, Campbell also discusses her time spent teaching and the influence of Bloom's taxonomy. Campbell also discusses the similarities of Bloom's taxonomy and how Alzheimer's effects certain levels of Bloom's taxonomy.

Keywords: Alzheimer's Disease; Bloom's taxonomy; education; exercise; family; quilmaking process

00:16:29 - How does quiltmaking impact your family?

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Partial Transcript: Campbell: Well, they have always been very tolerant and supportive also. I have two sons and now a daughter-in-law. For example, about five years ago I won one of the top awards at the AQS [American Quilter's Society.] show in Paducah, Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses her families support for her quilting and their involvement with her quilts. Campbell discusses how her family has supported her at quilting competitions, her husband's involvement with the business side of her quilting, and her son's involvement with quilting.

Keywords: American Quilter's Society (AQS); American Quilter's Society Week (Paducah, Kentucky); International Quilt Association; Karey Bresenhan; One hundred best quilts; Paducah, Kentucky; Quilt competitions; Quilt shows/exhibitions; daughter-in-law; family; husband; son

GPS: Location of Paducah, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: ‎37.086678,-88.604050
00:19:38 - Whose works are you drawn to and why?

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Partial Transcript: I love it all. Let me see if I can go back. You know, there’s a lot of people who are influential to my career. In 1992 I entered a contest, the AQS contest, and my quilt was accepted.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses some of her biggest inspirations in quilting including Caryl Fallert's "Cosmic Pelican", to an interesting run in with a young Ricky Tims who is now one of her closest peers. Campbell also discusses how Diane Guadynski's work has influenced her newest award winning quilt, "Aunt Mimi's Flower Garden".

Keywords: American Quilter's Society (AQS); Awards; Caryl Bryer Fallert; Cosmic Pelican; Diane Guadynski; Favela; France; Machine quilting; National Quilt Museum (Paducah); Pueblo, Colorado; Quilt competitions; Quilt shows/exhibitions; Ricky Tims; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Social quiltmaking activities; Teaching quiltmaking; travelling

00:23:46 - Teaching quilting in foreign countries

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about teaching in a foreign country, how is it different?

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses her time teaching in foreign countries such as France, Brazil, and throughout Europe. She also discusses the differences between the countries she has visited and the ways interpreters were used in her classes abroad.

Keywords: Brazil; Europe; France; Portuguese language; RIo de Janerio, Brazil; Spanish language; Teaching quiltmaking; Traveling; architecture; education; foreign countries; international quilting; interpreter; quilting; teaching

00:26:48 - Quilts made in foreign countries

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Partial Transcript: What are quilts like there? What do their quilts look like?

Segment Synopsis: Campbell talks about the differences between quilts made in America and quilts made in the countries that she has traveled to. She describes how other countries make very similar replicas of quilts to American styled quilts. Campbell also tells stories of quilts and quilters that she has interacted with in other countries.

Keywords: Brazil; bird; quilting in foreign countries; story telling; urban folklore

GPS: Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Map Coordinates: 22.9068, 43.1729
00:30:25 - In what ways do your quilts reflect your community or region?

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Partial Transcript: Dodge City is a cow town. I've made a few cowboy quilts, but that’s not me. I do them because they are ones that people like to see around here.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses the impact her region has on her quilting, although as much influence has come from her Mennonite upbringing and Amish quilts, which inspire her use of solid colors. Campbell also informs Musgrave as to how she aims to master all skills in quilting.

Keywords: Amish quilts; Dodge City, Kansas; Kansas; Mennonite; Mennonite quilts; community; cowboy; quilting; quiltmarking process

GPS: Dodge City, Kansas, Campbell's hometown
Map Coordinates: 37.76067,-100.017863
00:32:26 - Describe your studio/the place that you create.

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Partial Transcript: Well, it kind of oozes over into the rest of the house. Right now, I have a large bedroom on the second floor. I live in an old, very large house. I have four gigantic windows that stretch basically from the ceiling to the floor so I have lots and lots of natural light.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses how her studio is set up at home. Campbell describes how her entire house has become one large location for her quilts through storage, workspace, and collection. Campbell also discusses her sewing table and the sewing machines used in her quilting process.

Keywords: Bernina; Design Wall; Home sewing machine; Studio; Work or Studio space; batting/wadding; fabrics; shelving; storage

00:36:19 - What do you think is the biggest challenge confronting quiltmakers today?

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Partial Transcript: Quiltmakers in general? You know, I hadn't thought about it in general. For me, maybe it’s narrowing it down to something and, instead of being a jack of all trades, trying to do a something.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell believes that there are possibly too many showcases and quilting styles, which causes her to feel a little bit scattered. She also mentions that there may be too many quilt shows for new quilters to take in all at once. Campbell also discusses the Latino population in her area and their disinterest in quiltmaking due to the fact they may not have the time since they are raising families and cannot afford the expense of quiltmaking.

Keywords: Fabric/Quilt shops; Hispanic; Latino; Quilt shows/exhibitions; challenges; cultures; needle arts; needle crafts; quiltmakers; showcases

00:38:47 - What advice would you offer someone starting out in quilting?

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Partial Transcript: Read books, buy all — get the books — the how-to books, the pattern books. Start off slowly, go to the quilt shops if there is one in your area, talk with the owners and take classes, take all the classes you can possibly afford

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses advice she would give to people who would want to start quilting. She stresses the importance of reading books and taking classes, while also the monetary value of what new quilters purchase. She encourages new quilters to buy high quality fabrics and machinery for quiltmaking.

Keywords: Knowledge transfer; beginners; books; classes; fabric; home sewing machine; quilt publications; quilting classes; thread count

00:40:29 - What do you think makes a great quilt?

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Partial Transcript: Well I know when I'm judging — I know what happens when you’re judging in a large show, you’ve got to have something that’s attention grabbing, it has to be stunning first

Segment Synopsis: Campbell discusses what she finds to make a quilt great. Campbell stresses the importance of practicing and self-critiquing, while also discussing the importance of colors and workmanship.

Keywords: colors; critiquing; judging; practice; visual impact; workmanship

00:43:15 - Are there any aspects of quilt making that you don't enjoy?

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Partial Transcript: I'm struggling with that one because every stage is… It’s kind of like falling in love. It almost makes itself because I can't put it down.

Segment Synopsis: Campbell struggles to find a bad thing about the process of quiltmaking. Campbell mentions how the process of creating three dimensional flowers that she particularly is not a fan of that she did and discusses how much she enjoys the process of quilting.

Keywords: "Petal Play"; 3-D flowers; 3-d; Joan Shay; quilt making; three dimensional

00:44:53 - Closing thoughts

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Partial Transcript: We have been talking for forty-five minutes believe it or not. I always give people an opportunity to share anything that they would like that we haven't covered, so this is your chance.

Segment Synopsis: Closing thoughts from Campbell on her interview. Campbell discusses the tiring effect that traveling has on her quilting career. Campbell also discusses how despite the traveling and strength needed to travel with quilting how much she loves it and how she has accomplished so much through quilting.

Keywords: bookkeeping; quilting; social aspects of quiltmaking; teaching quiltmaking; traveling