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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Pam Schultz. It’s Monday, March 21, 2011 at 10:35 a.m. I’m interviewing Rosemary Kimball at Westlake Presbyterian Church in Battle Creek

Segment Synopsis: Pam Schultz interviews Rosemary Kimball at Westlake Presbyterian Church in Battle Creek, Michigan.

GPS: Westlake Presbyterian Church in Battle Creek, Michigan.
Map Coordinates: 42.29394109999999, -85.2285321
00:00:39 - Tell me about the quilt you brought in today;What do you think someone viewing your quilt might conclude about you?

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about the quilt you brought in today.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball describes receiving a quilt to repair and copying the pattern to create a new quilt using 1930s fabric. She displayed the new quilt alongside the repaired quilt at a show in 1999, winning the Judge's Choice award. Kimball believes that this quilt shows her attention to detail and love of both applique and hand quilting.

Keywords: Antique quilts; Awards; Fabric - Reproduction; Fabric - Vintage; Hand applique; Hand quilting; Quilt conservation; Quilt shows/exhibitions; quilt restoration

00:03:54 - Tell me about your interest in quiltmaking.;From whom did you learn to quilt?;How many hours a week do you quilt?

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Partial Transcript: I've always been interested in it. When my husband and I used to travel I knew that one day I would be a quilter. And wherever we went I would look for quilting magazines. If I'd find one I'd buy it and take it home. That was before I ever got into actual quilting. I've always known that one day I would quilt.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball describes her interest in quiltmaking before learning to make quilts. Describes first quilt, made for her first grand-daughter's birth. Kimball is mostly self-taught, but she learned to sew at age 10. Explains preference for hand work rather than machine work and how she forgets everything else when focusing on a project.

Keywords: Knowledge transfer; Learning quiltmaking; Time management; home sewing; quilt magazines; self-taught

00:06:18 - Are there other quiltmakers among your family or friends? Please tell me about them.; How does quiltmaking impact your family?

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Partial Transcript: You know, after my aunt passed away, when I was clearing her house, I found a box, a coat box up on the shelf in the hallway.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball describes finding a box with two unused quilts among aunt's things, but she's not sure who made the quilts. Kimball explains that her children appreciate what she does and how she's working on a quilt for her son and daughter-in-law.

Keywords: Antique quilts; Hand applique; Hand quilting; Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quiltmaker identity; Quiltmaking for family; family quilts

00:09:26 - What do you find pleasing about quiltmaking?;What aspects of quiltmaking do you not enjoy?

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Partial Transcript: What do you find pleasing about quiltmaking?

Segment Synopsis: Kimball enjoys showing her creativity and precision in her work. She does not enjoy gathering materials to start a new project, and she does not enjoy her small work space.

Keywords: Creativity; Quilt Purpose - Personal enjoyment; Work or Studio space

00:11:00 - What art or quilt groups do you belong to?

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Partial Transcript: What art or quilt groups do you belong to?

Segment Synopsis: Kimball belongs to Cal-Co Quilters' Guild. and participates in multiple quilt circles.

Keywords: Cal-Co Quilters Guild; Guild activities; Quilt Purpose - Charity; Sew 'n Sews; Social quiltmaking activities; South Side Ladies of the Evening; Spring Chicks; quilt magazines

00:12:21 - Have advances in technology influenced your work? If so, how?

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Partial Transcript: I guess not so much because I'm from the old school. I've learned to do the things that I do and it's pretty well imbedded in my thinking and doing.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball considers herself "old school," and so she generally takes her time. She appreciates rotary cutters. Describes making templates from cardboard.

Keywords: Acrylic templates; Cardboard templates; Rotary cutter; Technology in quiltmaking; Time management

00:13:47 - What are your favorite techniques and materials?;Describe your studio/the place that you create.

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Partial Transcript: I love thirties fabrics. I love thirties fabrics. I go for the pastels and the fabrics that are easy to look at.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball loves working with 1930s fabrics in pastels. Describes preferences for lighter fabrics that are softer and easy to live with. Describes struggle with small work space and accessing fabric and supplies. She quilting work overflows into the dining and living rooms.

Keywords: Fabric - Reproduction; Fabric stash; Work or Studio space; storage

00:15:41 - Tell me how you balance your time.

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Partial Transcript: Balance time? What’s balance your time? No, I don’t balance my time. I eat if I’m not doing something that’s enjoyable. If I’m involved in getting something that I want to get done and I’m enjoying it everything else stops. I don’t clean.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball explains how she doesn't feel the need to balance time if she's enjoying her work.

Keywords: Time management; flow; quiltmaking process

00:16:19 - Do you use a design wall? If so, in what way/how does that enhance your creative process? If not, how do you go about designing your quilts?

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Partial Transcript: I maybe would if I could get to it.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball has a design wall, but she doesn't find it necessary if she has a pattern in mind. Her space limitations make it hard for her to access the design wall.

Keywords: Design Wall; Design process

00:16:50 - What do you think makes a great quilt?;What makes a quilt artistically powerful?

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Partial Transcript: One that is well done, one that is pleasing to the eye.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball believes that a great quilt is well-made and pleasing to the eye. Explains that people respond to some quilts and not others, and that's OK. Kimball enjoys the works of many quiltmakers, but does not have a favorite.

Keywords: Aesthetics

00:19:15 - How do you feel about machine quilting vs. hand quilting? What about long-arm quilting?

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Partial Transcript: Well, of course I’d prefer the hand quilting. And, yes, there is a place for machine quilting and there are some that do beautiful work.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball prefers hand quilting, but she believes that machine quilting is appropriate at times, especially for children's quilts that will be used. Describes a quilt made for her grand-daughter that was loved beyond repair. Kimball explains that she has had good and bad experiences after sending quilts to be finished by long-arm quilters.

Keywords: Hand quilting; Long arm quilting machine; Machine quilting; Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quiltmaking for family; quilt purpose - utilitarian

00:23:09 - Why is quiltmaking important to your life?

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Partial Transcript: Oh, my goodness. If you've got to have a hobby, it's one of the best ones I can think of.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball describes the experience of quilting in the winter, being kept warm by the quilt. Describes making gemstone jewelry and having to work in the dark basement.

Keywords: Fabric/Quilt shops; Hand quilting; Quilt Purpose - Personal enjoyment; ceramics; jewelry; leisure

00:24:55 - What do you think about the importance of quilts in American life?;In what ways do you think quilts have special meaning for women's history in America?

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Partial Transcript: I think quilts have been around for years and years and years and years. People made quilts. They’ve always been artistic.

Segment Synopsis: Explains that quilts have been around for a long time, and people made quilts out of necessity, but they were also artistic. Quilts are a form of art. She thinks women might not have a place in history without their quilts. Believes that children should be exposed to quilts, especially as schools cut art programs.

Keywords: Gender in qulitmaking; Quilt Purpose - Art or personal expression; Quilt history; quilt purpose - utilitarian

00:27:28 - What has happened to the quilts that you have made or those of friends and family?

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Partial Transcript: Oh, I've made quilts for a lot of the members of my family and besides the six granddaughters I have got seven great grandkids, five of them girls and two of boys.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball has quilted for many family members, including six grand-daughters and seven great-grandchildren. She has made quilts for all but two of great-grandchildren so far and hopes to continue.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quiltmaking for family

00:28:31 - What do you think is the biggest challenge confronting quiltmakers today?

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Partial Transcript: Probably being able to find fabric. It's more expensive all the time. But if we are die-hard quilters I'm sure we have got our stashes.

Segment Synopsis: Kimball believes that fabric is getting more expensive, but dedicated quiltmakers have fabric stashes already. If quiltmakers were able to work years ago with fewer resources, quiltmakers today shouldn't have much trouble.

Keywords: Fabric stash; Quilt history

00:29:15 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any questions or anything else you'd like to talk about?