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00:00:06 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Olga C McClaren, today's date is November the 4th, 2011, and it is 4:30. I'm conducting an interview with Monna Kornman, for Quilter's SOS, Save Our Stories.

Segment Synopsis: Monna describes her touchstone quilt, which is a velvet crazy quilt. She talks about her inspiration for creating the quilt, and the awards it has won in the International Quilt Festival.

Keywords: Crazy quilts; International Quilt Festival; Velvet

Subjects: Quilts--United States--Exhibitions

00:03:02 - Tell me about the quilt you brought in today.

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Partial Transcript: Do you think people looking at this can tell anything about you?

Segment Synopsis: Monna says that her touchstone quilt suggests her love for handwork. She goes on to describe the types of handwork she employed in the quilt, particularly embroidery.

Keywords: Embroidery; Fabric - Print; Velvet

Subjects: Embroidery

00:03:54 - How do you use this quilt?

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Partial Transcript: What do you do with this quilt in your home?

Segment Synopsis: Monna says that the primary purpose of her touchstone quilt is home decor. She also presents the quilt to school children on occasion, which she says is an exciting experience for them.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Gift or presentation; Quilt Purpose - Home decoration

Subjects: Education in art

00:05:01 - Tell me about your interest in quiltmaking.

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Partial Transcript: I want to ask some questions now to get you to talk about yourself as a quilter, and about your interest in quilt-making. Can you tell me where that may have sprung from?

Segment Synopsis: Monna discusses her interest in quilting, which stemmed from her grandmother's professional quilting and seamstress work. Her quilting practice, she says, developed from her early sewing projects, and her high school quilt project, which she completed for her first child. She talks about the comfort of quilts, and organizations that make and donate quilts. She goes on to discuss the quilts that she has made for her family.

Keywords: Donating quilts; Generational quiltmaking; Patchwork quilts; Quilt Purpose - Birth; Quilt Purpose - Charity; Quilt Purpose - Wedding; Quilt guild

Subjects: Gifts; Heirlooms; Sewing

00:09:27 - How many hours a week do you quilt?

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Partial Transcript: How long do you work on quilting every week or month?

Segment Synopsis: Monna discusses the time she spends on quilting. She says that she does not have a set schedule for her quilting, but that she works her projects often. She goes on to talk about quilts that she was working on at the time.

Keywords: Time management

00:11:19 - Tell me if you have ever used quilts to get through a difficult time?

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Partial Transcript: Can you think of any times your quilting has gotten you through times in your life?

Segment Synopsis: Monna discusses quilting as a manner to relieve economic stress. She says that when she could not afford a store bought bedspread, she hand-made one from a sample book that her mother had. She goes on to discuss her practice of salvaging in quilting as a result of having been raised during the Great Depression. She says that apart from the sample book quilt, she also completed a number of quilts that her mother had started, many of which she says were patchwork quilts.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Bedcovering

Subjects: Depressions--1929; Quilts--United States--History

00:17:09 - What art or quilt groups do you belong to?

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Partial Transcript: Do you belong to any quilting groups?

Segment Synopsis: Monna lists the quilting groups to which she belongs. She discusses the importance of quilters' groups and guilds for maintaining public interest in quilting, as well as supporting charity organizations. She goes on to talk about the relationships that people have to their quilts, like her daughter, who was very attached to a childhood quilt.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Charity; Quilt guild

Subjects: Children's quilts

00:18:30 - Personal Quilt Use

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Partial Transcript: I was going to ask you if you sleep under a quilt - can you tell us about it?

Segment Synopsis: Monna describes the quilt she sleeps under. She says the quilt was made by an ancestor of hers who was nearly blind, and goes on to talk about the style of the quilt.

Keywords: Antique quilts; Quilt Purpose - Bedcovering; Star quilts

Subjects: Cheesecloth; Heirlooms; Textile fabrics--Sample books

00:19:28 - What do you find pleasing about quiltmaking?

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Partial Transcript: What's one of your favorite things about the quilting process?

Segment Synopsis: Monna talks about her preferred quilting processes. She says that she prefers hand-piecing and quilting, although she says she also admires machine made works.

Keywords: Design process; Hand piecing; Hand quilting; Machine piecing; Machine quilting

00:20:28 - Describe your studio/the place that you create.

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about where you create your quilts.

Segment Synopsis: Monna describes her studio space. She says she uses a large room in her home, where she stores her tools and works. She talks about the sewing machines she uses as well.

Keywords: Home sewing machine; Work or Studio space

Subjects: Artists' studios; Quilts--Design; Sewing machines

00:24:44 - What are your favorite techniques and materials?

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Partial Transcript: Are there any quilting techniques that you particularly favor?

Segment Synopsis: Monna talks about her favorite quilt-making techniques, which include needle-turn applique, embroidery, and hand piecing.

Keywords: Embroidery; Hand piecing; Learning quiltmaking; Needle turn applique

Subjects: Appliqué; Embroidery

00:27:10 - Have advances in technology influenced your work? If so, how?

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Partial Transcript: Has modern technology influenced your work in any way?

Segment Synopsis: Monna discusses the relationship between modern technology and her quilting practice. She explains that although she sees the good in technological advances that have been made, she herself does not employ them. She describes her disinterest in using computers or embroidery machines in her quilt-making.

Keywords: Embroidery machine; Technology in quiltmaking

Subjects: Computers; Embroidery, Machine

00:28:21 - Process Development

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Partial Transcript: Well, some things you've said have given me an idea of how you think about and design your quilts. It sounds like you're really influenced by the fabrics that you have. You talked about having the fabrics for an African quilt. How do you get an idea?

Segment Synopsis: Monna says that a large part of her process in creating a quilt is self-patterning. She says that she does not enjoy creating quilts from patterns, and that she prefers to develop her own ideas.

Subjects: Quilting--Patterns

00:29:34 - What do you think makes a great quilt?

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Partial Transcript: So, that kind of leads into: what do you think makes a great quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Monna talks about what she believes to be a great quilt. She discusses the importance of universal appeal in a great quilt. She goes on to say that a great quilt is attractive and does not have a political message.

Keywords: Art quilts

00:30:45 - What makes a great quiltmaker?

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Partial Transcript: What is your opinion of what makes a great quilt-maker?

Segment Synopsis: Monna explains what makes a great quiltmaker to her. She says that anyone can make a good quilt. She qualifies that by saying that there are instances when there are more expectations and specific requirements, like in competitions, but that outside of that, it is possible for anyone to complete a worthwhile quilt.

Keywords: Quilt Purpose - Challenge or contest entry; Quilt Purpose - Exhibition

Subjects: Art, Amateur; Quilts--United States--Exhibitions

00:32:00 - Whose works are you drawn to and why?

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Partial Transcript: You've mentioned several quilters whose books you've bought; are there any people you'd like to mention that you're drawn to?

Segment Synopsis: Monna talks about the quilters whose work she enjoys, particularly Paula Nadelstern and Kumiko Frydl. She goes on to say that she especially enjoys admiring the work of other quilters, but that she prefers not to judge or be opinionated about other people's quilts.

Subjects: Quilts--United States--Exhibitions

00:33:19 - Why is quiltmaking important to your life?

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Partial Transcript: Why is quilt-making important in your life?

Segment Synopsis: Monna talks about the importance of quilting in her life.She says that her daughter made a quilt when she was young, which Monna helped her with, and she said that was a treasure in her life.

Keywords: Generational quiltmaking

00:34:38 - In what ways do your quilts reflect your community or region?

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Partial Transcript: I'm wondering how you feel that your quilts not only reflect you, but do they reflect your environment, your community, or your region in some way?

Segment Synopsis: While Monna says she doesn't know how her quilts are a reflection of her region, she says that her quilting is largely dependent on the groups that she works with, where she teaches and learns from others in her community. She says that teaching. learning, and encouraging are important aspects of her quilt-making practice.

Keywords: Knowledge transfer; Learning quiltmaking; Teaching quiltmaking

00:36:48 - What do you think is the biggest challenge confronting quiltmakers today?

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Partial Transcript: Have you ever thought about if there are any challenges that are facing we quilters today?

Segment Synopsis: Rather than viewing challenges to quilting, Monna describes how quilting is an escape from the challenges and turmoil of the world. She says that people are using quilting to respond and remedy some of the problems that we see in the modern world.

00:38:08 - Additional Anecdotes from Kornman

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Partial Transcript: Well, we're nearing the end, and I want us to leave time for you to tell some more stories, or anything else that you would like to say.

Segment Synopsis: Monna recounts her mother's thoughts on her quilting as a child, and she says her mother was very active, and wanted young Monna to be active as well, although Monna preferred to sit and embroider tea towels, she says.

Keywords: Embroidery